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senior woman is doing physical therapyYou can’t simply rely on anyone. You’ll need someone highly knowledgeable and well-equipped in handling your senior loved ones’ healthcare demands. Well, no need to fret because our highly skilled healthcare practitioners are well-equipped in providing reliable healthcare assistance.

Our Skilled Services include:

Skilled Nursing
When it comes to your loved ones’ healthcare needs, you can only trust people who are highly knowledgeable and well-equipped in handling them. The services administered by our nurses Wound Care, IV Therapy, Medication Management, Disease Process Management, Diabetic Care, CHF/Cardiac Disease, Respiratory Issues, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Management, Alzheimer’s Care, and more.

Physical Therapy
If your loved ones have been discharged from hospitalization or for any reason, you can count on us. Our highly skilled physical therapists are capable of administering services that include, exercises for strength and balance improvement.

Occupational Therapy
Disabilities may hinder your loved ones from performing their activities in daily living. That said, they will need someone highly skilled to help them perform such tasks. Our occupational therapists are knowledgeable and well-equipped in helping your loved ones regain skills for daily living such as dressing, eating, and regain strength and cognitive abilities.

Home-Health Aide
As your loved ones start to age, they begin to experience difficulties in performing their activities in daily living. And you know how sensitive they could be especially when they are accompanied and assisted with their bathing and dressing. You don’t need to worry anymore because our home health aides adhere to our mission in providing our clients with excellent care to accord with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Speech Therapy
If your loved ones start to experience disabilities in speaking and swallowing, count on us! Our speech therapists are capable of administering the cognitive retraining, swallowing strategies, improvement in speech quality, and the like.

Social Worker
Having disabilities due to post-surgery, injuries, or illnesses may sound depressing to your loved ones. That is why our compassionate social workers are committed to providing services which will help to lighten up their mood. Our reliable social workers administer referrals to community resources, emotional support, planning short term or long term placement, individual family counseling and post-rehab treatment counseling.

If your senior loved ones need our skilled services at home, contact us today.